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Applicants of foreign real persons to real estate registration offices for real estate acquisition:

- Personal documents or passports,

- The residence permit issued by the relevant police directorates of foreigners subject to a residence permit,

- If they have to take action on behalf of their foreign agents, they must have a copy of their proxy statements together with an original or certified copy.

Before making sales contracts, matters such as whether the immovable is registered with limited rights, whether there is any mortgage or any obstacle to sale should be checked from the relevant Land Registry Office.

Foreigners who want to buy property in Turkey,

- Should not sign contracts that are legally binding without obtaining information about the property mentioned in the Register of Land Registry offices,

- It will be appropriate not to initiate transactions without conducting research on the vendor or companies and not to work with persons or companies that can not prove to be serious and reliable.

If there is any disagreement about buying or selling, it is necessary to move the arbitration to the judiciary and to file a lawsuit in Turkish courts. It is not possible for the Turkish Foreign Ministry and its foreign representatives to intervene in the judicial process.

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