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Land For Sale in Kocaeli

Lands For Sale For Investment in Kocaeli

Planned/Unplanned Lands For Sale in Kocaeli

kocaeli'de yatırımlık arsa
satılık arsa kocaeli türkiye

As investing in Istanbul will require great cost, you can also have a hard time finding the land suitable for your purpose and the size you need.

So, would not you be interested in a place which is very close to Istanbul, where lands can be bought at much more affordable prices than İstanbul, which has lands with suitable sizes for your purpose, and which will provide profit as much as Istanbul at long-term; Kocaeli, the center of trade routes, factories, industrial facilities and global brands? Which investor would not be?

Kocaeli, one of Turkey's largest industrial and commercial cities, is the third largest city in the Marmara Region after Istanbul and Bursa. It is one of the favorite locations of investors since having all the advantages of being close to Istanbul.

You can examine our portfolio of lands for sale in Kocaeli starting from 500 m² and suitable for any institutional or individual purposes.

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