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  • In 2014, Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu (SPK) (Capital Markets Board) (CMB) issued the notification of Real Estate Investment Funds (REIF) in order to secure the real estate of the foreign investors in Turkey under state security and to establish more reliable instruments.

  • REIF can be set up individually or as general funds.

  • It can be founded both for a limited time or without a time limit.

  • They are controlled by the Capital Markets Board.

  • Assets are kept under custody by the CMB under state safeguards.

  • It has the possibility of financing up to 50%.

  • They have very important tax advantages especially for foreign investors.

  • Some of these advantages are tax exemption from corporations, and income tax exemption, which can be cut up to 35% from investments.

  • Since it is just a share exchange, selling and reselling property is easy and tax-free.

  • Assets are valued by the government-approved audit companies and may also be audited by independent audit firms at certain period of time.

  • As Rimall Invest, we provide comprehensive and professional Real Estate Investment Funds Consulting services from foundation to gaining profits. We allow you to benefit from getting your properties under the guarantee of the state regulations

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