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When we wrote "things you did not know about investing in land" you might have clicked the link with a smile on your face and saying "what could be the things I don't but these guys know about investing in land?"
Here is the list of those things you already know but you don't consider as one of the good reasons of investing in land.
> With vacant land, you don’t need to “do” anything to the property.
No construction! No renovations! No need to rehab a property. You only may need to know one thing: “Is the property suitable for building?” in order to answer one of the questions of the investors interested in your land.
> Raw Land is a “Hands-Off” Investment.
If you had enough of dealing with tenants, toilets, bugs, mold, lawn care, leaking roofs, bursting pipes, broken furnaces, and the hundreds of other issues that come with owning buildings, vacant land doesn’t involve ANY of those things. Once you buy it… it sits there, it behaves itself, gains value and nothing bad happens.
> Land Investors Have Virtually No Competition to Deal With.
Are you tired of dealing with such stiff competition on every property you try to buy? Are you sick of getting outbid on every good deal you’re lucky enough to find?
Well guess what… there is virtually no competition in the world of raw land investing. You see… most real estate investors have their minds stuck on: “houses”, “apartments”, “commercial property”, because that’s what everyone else does.
Most investors don’t understand the superior benefits of land and this can definitely play to your advantage.
> Land Investors Call Their Own Shots.
When you buy vacant land the right way, it’s easy to buy each property with your own cash and completely avoid dealing with banks and mortgage companies.
When you know where to look for great deals on land, it requires very little start-up capital to get your business up and running.
> When You Learn How to Research Properties Effectively, you can Buy and Sell Vacant Land Properties Without Ever Seeing Them In-Person.
The title looks like it has told itself.
> Add Seller Financing to the Mix and EXPLODE Your Income Potential.
When you combine vacant land with the power of Seller Financing, it’s a match made in heaven. It can open up the doors to finding MANY more buyers, because most banks are very hesitant to lend money on vacant land. Due to the scarcity of “easy money” financing, a land investor can use this to their advantage by charging a higher-than-market interest rate and many people will gladly pay it. Seller Financing is also a great way to create multiple streams of passive income that act like rental properties but come with virtually none of the typical headaches that rental properties are known for.
> Land is Very IN-expensive to Own as a Long-Term Investment.
When you buy a piece of land for the right price, there are no mortgage payments to make, no utility bills to pay, the cost of property insurance is nominal (if you have it at all) and property taxes are extremely cheap.
If you want to park your cash somewhere and forget about it, vacant land could be exactly the best investment parking lot you’re looking for.
> Land Gives its Owner Peace of Mind.
Think about it – land is a long-term, tangible asset that doesn’t wear out, doesn’t depreciate, and nothing can get broken, stolen or destroyed. Put all of these benefits together with your ability to buy it for next-to-nothing… and can you think of a better combination?
> They Aren’t Making Any More Of It.
Most people don’t think of vacant land this way, but the reality is – land is an extremely valuable resource with limited quantities available. Especially when you purchase land in the path of growth, you will find yourself with a finite asset that a lot of other people want to get their hands on.
Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and 401Ks all make sense in certain scenarios, and so does land. If you go into this with the intent of holding the right property for the long-term, it can make a lot more sense (and be a lot more profitable) than any other retirement vehicle out there.
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