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35 Billion Investment Plan Ready in Real Estate Sector

The major players of the real estate sector, which is the locomotive of growth in 2016, are entering 2017 with new giant projects. In 2016, the sector representatives, considering the previous year’s residential sales figure of 1 million 289, believe that a new record in the sales will be broken adding that they will continue to add value to the country’s economy in 2017 with billion dollar projects.

35 billion expected

According to the information gathered from the investment plans of the important actors of the real estate sector, the sector aims to pass new housing projects of at least 35 billion liras this year. The sector representatives, who are waiting for a record in 2017, indicate that investments in 2017 will also be supported by housing investors. Sector representatives therefore particularly voiced their interest in this conjuncture both in terms of buyers and investments in the country’s economy to gain dynamism again.

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