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​Turkish citizenship will be given to foreigners who invest at least $ 2 million in Turkey, buy at least $ 1 million of real estate, or open a deposit account of at least $ 3 million.

With the amendment made in Article 20, which regulates the acquisition of Turkish citizens exceptionally by the regulation on the implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, the possibility of Turkish citizenship to foreigners who have invested a certain amount in Turkey and have created employment or held deposits has been introduced. 12/01/2017

Accordingly, the exceptional conditions for foreigners seeking to become Turkish citizens are as follows:

> At least $ 2 million invested in fixed capital

> At least $ 1 million in immovable property

> Employing at least 100 people

> At least $ 3 million deposits holding 3 years

> Persons holding at least 3 million liras of state borrowing instruments for three years will be entitled to Turkish citizenship.

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