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Lands, villas, apartments and commercials for sale in Turkey!

Every investor who looks for profitable real estate bazaars worldwide, already knows that Turkey, one of the most rapidly developing country, is a golden mine!

Especially lands in Turkey generally doubles investments in medium terms of time. Of course, this may not be valid if you do not know Turkey well or where to purchase a land from.

Long story short;

let's tell you where to buy a property in Turkey according to your point of view.

> If you want to buy a land in Turkey to build your own house

or buy an apartment/villa in order to live, make shopping, travel etc.;

it's Istanbul.

> If you want to buy a land in Turkey to build your own house

or buy an apartment/villa in order to live, swim, sun bath, have fun etc.;

it's Yalova (the closest to Istanbul), Çanakkale, Antalya (or anywhere in southern Turkey).

> If you want to buy a land in order to use for commercial purposes such as building a factory on it,

building a school/hospital on it,

hiring that land to others,

constructing residences on it or

just reselling it;

it's definitely Marmara region (from Trakya region to İzmit/Gemlik and Bursa/Yalova. Including Istanbul for sure!).

And this will be the investment which may double itself in a middle terms of time.

> If you want to buy an apartment/villa in order to have rental income or

resell it;

it's Istanbul.

You can choose any of the options above related with your own purpose,

but there is only one option to find "that" property you want:

And it is definitely Rimall Invest!

We do not say this only because it sounds well as an advertising saying,

But we say this because;

> we trust our selves,

> we have commercial ethics,

> we believe in our success of adding a profitable product to our portfolio,

> we fear god and feel responsible of the things we do.

Because we are Rimall Invest.

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