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Canal Istanbul Project's route between Marmara and Black Sea

The "most appropriate" route for the Canal Istanbul Project, which is an artificial sea-level waterway parallel to the Bosporus that is to connect the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, is unveiled.​

Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said in a news conference in Ankara that; "The Küçükçekmece-Sazlıdere-Durusu corridor was chosen as the most appropriate route for Canal Istanbul," transportation.

​He also said that the length of the artificial sea route would total 45 kilometers (28 miles).​

The route would start from Küçükçekmece Lake and is to continue to the north passing Istanbul's Sazlıdere Dam and reach the Black Sea from the east of Terkos Dam, located in the Durusu village of Istanbul's Çatalca district.​

The canal which is to provide relief to shipping traffic, particularly oil tanker traffic, passing through the Bosporus, will boast a capacity of 160 vessels a day and is scheduled to be completed by 2023.

​Arslan did not give further information about the exact cost of the project but added it will be "much bigger" than other projects.

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