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Turkish citizenship is earned in two ways according to Citizenship Law.

  1. Birth certificate

  2. Acquired citizenship

Turkish citizenship by birth

  • Child who is born within a marriage union of a Turkish mother or father in or out of Turkey is a Turkish citizen.

  • The Turkish citizen is a Turkish citizen born out of marriage partnership between mother and foreign father.

  • A Turkish citizen father and a child born out of a foreign marriage union gain Turkish citizenship if the procedures and principles governing the establishment of the lineage are fulfilled.

  • A child born in Turkey and unable to obtain the nationality of any country born of a foreign parent, is a Turkish citizen from birth.

  • A child in Turkey is considered to have been born in Turkey unless otherwise fixed.

Turkish citizenship for all foreigners (later acquired citizenship)

The following points do not provide Turkish citizenship to foreigners but gives them the right to apply. A stranger who wants to get the right to apply for Turkish citizenship:

  • If you are married to someone who is a Turkish citizen and you are married for 3 years, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

  • When you come to Turkey from normal routes (tourism, education) you can apply for a residence permit and if you are granted a residence permit by the competent authorities. Citizenship application can be earned by continuing to work for 5 years and extending the work permit. (You should not be abroad for 6 months over 5 years)

What are the requirements for Turkish citizenship for all foreigners?

When a citizenship application is granted, the following conditions are sought for the applicant:

  • To have mature and distinctive power according to Turkish law if it is stateless for its national law,

  • To reside in Turkey for five consecutive years backwards from the date of application,

  • To confirm with his behavior that he decided to settle in Turkey,

  • Not having a general health hazard,

  • Having good morals,

  • Ability to speak Turkish as much as possible,

  • Having a groom or a profession that will provide the livelihood of those who are obliged to look after him in Turkey,

  • National security and public order to be an obstacle in terms of not having a condition, is sought.

  • Foreigners seeking to acquire Turkish citizenship may be required to leave the state citizenship they have taken with the conditions listed above.

Turkish citizenship to investors, real estate areas (new amendment to Turkish Citizenship Act 2021)

In the 12th article of Turkish Citizenship Law 2009, the exceptional cases in the acquisition of Turkish citizenship are as follows:


"Provided that there is no obstacle in terms of national security and public order, the foreigner who brings industrial facilities to Turkey or who is thought to pass or pass the extraordinary service in scientific, technological, economical, social, sportive, cultural and artistic fields, persons. The Council of Ministers may acquire Turkish citizenship. "However, based on this article of the law, the Council of Ministers changed the list of those who could obtain Turkish citizenship with the proposal of the Ministry and the decision of the Council of Ministers with the regulation no 2016/9601 on 12 January 2017:

  • The Ministry of Economy, which has made a fixed capital investment of at least 2 million US Dollars,

  • The ones who buy a property in Turkey for at least 1 million US Dollars and this property can not be sold for three years.

  • For those identified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, which employs at least 100 people,

  • At least 3 million US Dollars are required to hold deposits for three years. Bank deposits in banks operating in Turkey are determined by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency,

  • "Turkish citizenship" shall be granted to those determined by the Under secretariat of Treasury, purchased with a minimum of 3 million US dollars, provided that the State borrowing instruments are kept for three years.

You can contact us to ask what you want to learn about application that the applicants are already receiving, or to take advantage of this practice.

Things to know in citizenship applications

1. Where do I need to apply for Turkish Citizenship?
Applicants for Turkish Citizenship shall be governed by the domicile of the domicile of domicile in the country, and abroad or by a special power of attorney. Applications by mail are not accepted.
2. I applied for Turkish Citizenship. How can I find out the stage of my application process?
You can get information about the latest status of your transactions by entering the file number or identification information from the official state site.
3. Can I get information about ID numbers of strangers?
In the Republic of Turkey identity given to foreigners, the "identity number" is 11 digits and starts with 9 digits.
4. How long will the process of acquiring Turkish citizenship be finalized?
If the documents requested in citizenship applicants are complete, the procedure is completed within a reasonable period of time. In case of missing documents, the documents are provided from the institutions and organizations and the finalization of the transaction varies according to the completion period.
5. Is it possible to qualify for Turkish citizenship depending on Turkish citizen mother or father?
According to Turkish Citizenship Law No. 403, Turkish citizens born to their mother or father have the right to acquire Turkish citizenship.
6. The application for Turkish citizenship was rejected. Can I reapply?
If you meet the requirements of Turkish Citizenship Law no. 5901, you can apply again by applying to the governor in your place of residence.
7. Is it possible for me to pass on to a foreign citizen by protecting my Turkish citizenship?
If you are applying to be a foreign citizen and you have the necessary conditions for granting permission, you may be allowed to be a citizen of a foreign state.
8. Can I get Turkish citizenship if I marry a Turkish citizen?
Foreigners who have been married to a Turkish citizen since 3 years and who are still married can apply for a Turkish citizenship.
9. How long do I have to live in Turkey to be eligible for Turkish citizenship and how long can I stay abroad during these periods?
In accordance with the Turkish Citizenship Law, you must have been resident in Turkey for five consecutive years backwards from the date of the application. If you stay abroad for more than six months within the period of residence or if you do not reside, your residence will be canceled.
10. Where can I get a residence permit?
You can get your residence permit from the provincial police headquarters or the General Directorate of Security.
11. Should I make the application by intermediaries?
You do not have to do your application with any tools. But if you want to make your transactions faster or you do not want to deal with it, you can. However, we do not recommend that you work with officially registered companies, which are definitely offices; Only those who can reach you by mobile phone, who are not office or who are not officially registered.
12. How much is the residence permit (residence permit fee) for 2021 ? Where can I find these fees updated every year?
You can learn these fees from the website of the General Directorate of Immigration of the Ministry of Interior ( You can find out the yearly rates for 2021 (and these are updated each year) by clicking here.

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